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Why Choose Tonic?

"...employee wellbeing needs to be part of a wider, healthy business culture..."

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We recognise that investment in health & wellbeing related programmes, products and services can carry risk. Budget holders need assurances that their spend will deliver a positive impact on employees’ health.
We can –

  • Independently MEASURE the effectiveness of health and wellbeing programmes
  • MONITOR and track selected organisational health outcomes
  • TAILOR packages to suit all types of programme and size of organisation
  • SUPPORT all activity from design and set up through to data collection and close-out

Proactively supporting wellbeing can prevent people from going off sick, or deal with an issue before it becomes a real problem. And with the estimated cost of absence to employers being around £550 per employee per year, the spotlight is very much on promoting workforce health.

The Tonic team is made up of highly experienced, motivated individuals – all passionate about at what we do. Dedicated to a collaborative approach to delivering workplace wellbeing programmes with innovation, energy and enthusiasm

With our blended approach to learning we can help your people EAT well, MOVE well, SLEEP well and RELAX well.



Many of the companies we work with are in the Times Top 100 and with our help they move up the list!

Make employee wellbeing core to your business success.

It is often ironic that employers have fewest resources to invest when it is most needed and that lack of investment exacerbates the problem.
Make sure this is not YOU!

Many of the health problems of the UK workforce can be attributable to worsening public health; some of which can be explained by growing levels of workplace ‘stress’ and its links to depressive illness. Of course, the solution here rests with us all, hence many organisation that we speak to having conflicting emotions about workplace health & wellbeing – and investing in it.

For individuals, it means taking more proactive personal responsibility for their lifestyle choices, health and wellbeing.

For organisations – it has to mean going beyond the bare bones of the legal ‘duty of care’ for which they are already accountable under health and safety legislation.

We can help in both of these areas.

With the individual employees and indeed with the organisation as a whole.

Yes, many businesses have conflicting emotions about workplace health & wellbeing as they have a genuine concern for the welfare of their staff, but equally they are resistant to regulation and to ‘soft and fluffy’ interventions.

We know that employers do always recognise that their businesses benefit in many ways from a healthy and engaged workforce, yet can equally be reluctant to invest in measures to improve the health of their workplaces.

We try to demonstrate what a pivotal role we can play in not just in promoting the message about health at work, but in delivering accessible and relevant support to you if you. In a nut shell – to help your employees to drive forward productivity and competitiveness, health & wellbeing at work must become mainstream.

In 2014/15 stress accounted for 35% of all work related ill health cases and 43% of all working days lost due to ill health.

To conclude:

Direct influences of investing in health and wellbeing at work can be measured by reductions in: staff absence, staff turnover, overtime payments, temporary recruitment, legal costs and claims, insurance premiums, healthcare costs, less accidents and injuries, and management time.

Improvements should additionally be seen in staff morale, company profile, productivity and revenues. These can all be measured through direct records and a survey / feedback approach.

Make wellbeing a hallmark of your business.



Interactive workshops based on the pillars of wellbeing – make sure you are FIT 4 BUSINESS



Complete lifestyle evaluations to fine tune your performance



Physiological health checks, monitoring and action planning



Workshops and training programmes for managing and preventing stress



1-2-1 resilience and performance packages



On-site therapies and massage days – reward, recognition and awareness calendars

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