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It’s Time to Get Moving & Tonic Can Help!

And just like that, the summer holidays were over! There’s a certain feeling in the air that means Autumn is definitely on it’s way; are you finding yourself wondering where the year has gone? Did you have holidays cancelled or plans put on hold? Does it feel like that last six months have been wasted? Despite all of our situations being different, we have all been in this together, and that’s why it’s more important than ever that we all try to get back on track now…

Did you know that Tonic have a brand new well@work app? With an abundance of informative and practical information linked to optimising your wellbeing. For instance, last month’s Wellbeing Topic focused on physical activity and the importance of moving more and sitting less.

The War Against Obesity

Also, last month the Government launched their brand new  ‘Better Health‘ campaign in order to encourage the people of the UK to lose weight and live healthier lives. Their new campaign comes after research suggests that being obese or excessively overweight puts us at a greater risk of serious illness or death; including from COVID-19. I think that is a sentence we should all read and re-read. It might not affect you personally but maybe a parent, a partner, a sibling or a colleague? It is all about risk and minimising risk surely?

It seems that the government are finally now taking obesity seriously; something the Tonic team have been doing in workplaces for some time; and are continuing to do with vigour  with our virtual health checks & coaching programmes.

There is a long list of long-term health conditions associated with obesity, including:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Type Two Diabetes
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Risk of a stroke
  • Certain types of Cancer, including Breast and Bowel Cancer

Tonic can support you, your orgnaisation and those around you on multiple platforms – with information, encouragement, motivation plus tools and tips! Whether it’s a nutrition coaching; a physical activity program or a complete lifestyle overhaul. We can take a measure; make sure you know your numbers and get you moving in the right direction! It’s not easy but it is a choice. It is preventable with the right support! Our partnership with Tanita powers these interventions.

Exercise is the miracle cure we’ve always had but for too long we’ve neglected to take our recommended dose. Our health is now suffering as a consequence. NHS


physically active

How Can We Move More In Our Working Day?

DID YOU KNOW: Working adults spend a third of their waking hours in work which means our workplaces and work time (if remote working) are key spaces (and times) for improving wellbeing. Our activity related tools and interventions are in line with PHE expert insights on improving organisational health.

Here’s how we get employees to #movemore and #sitless :

Promote physical activity amongst staff #guiltfree

It’s a sobering thought that around a third of adults are damaging their health through a lack of physical activity and this situation is bad for business, productivity and humanity!! We are here to help employers to make a difference by making it easier for all of us to get active every day. Some research suggests that exercising during working hours can pump up work performance.  This is a hardhitting fact for all those sceptics out there…. A Leeds Metropolitan University study found that workers who visited the gym during working hours were more productive, managed their time better, and felt more work satisfaction.

Educate sedentary employees about #movemore

Office workers often sit for hours in front of their computers / devices / screens – sometimes spending over seven hours per day sedentary – and this puts physical and mental health at risk. Simply encouraging employees to take short but regular breaks can help, as well as shaping the workplace through pooling bins and printers, which can be a great nudge to encourage people to get up and move around the workspace. Creating a moving culture can be beneficial to staff morale and cohesion too. Encouraging people to walk over and see a colleague rather than emailing them creates a much more personally connected workforce, as well as one that moves more.

Keep the conversation ALIVE #mentalagility 

Make the most of opportunities to engage your workforce around the importance of moving more. Through the app we promote National Fitness Day, Workplace Challenge, National Bike Week, Move More Sit Less activities. We also provide staff with trusted information from our nutritionists, trainers and practitioners, to help them improve their health and wellbeing. Various studies show that the benefits of exercise aren’t just physical either. There is evidence that it boosts mental abilities like:

  • Enhanced creativity
  • Quicker learning
  • Sharper memory
  • Improved concentration

Engage the whole workforce #inclusive

We try to make sure we involve everyone including people working part-time or working from home and even contractors. Try to ensure information and opportunities are available and suitable for everyone. Sedentary roles are all associated with increased BMI, obesity and other health problems. We can talk to your employees confidentially in their 1-2-1 health checks and help them make healthier choices, creating solutions which are better embedded in their day to day working lives. All our practitioners now have Tanita’s professional body composition monitors. They are the first choice among many health professionals and certainly ours at Tonic. They help us to provide insight into health data, allowing us to provide tailored recommendations to reduce risks! The measurements are very accurate, due to the Dual or Multi Frequency Body Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology.


Stress levels and Your Health Risks!

Right now, more than ever, as we return to workplaces, schools, and re-setablish new routines and norms it is time to prioritise activity and exercise, that wonderdrug so many refer too.  Many employees that we are coaching talk about increased stress levels and it’s no secret that stress wreaks havoc on the human body. Stressed out employees have trouble focusing, thinking clearly, and making rational decisions. Many reports show exercise helps lower stress levels & improve mental health by providing clarity & resileince to better handle stressful situations and even change!

And if you still need some convincing…

A Double Whammy #winwin

Did you know that the ‘Sleeptember’ campaign was set up by the Sleep Council to raise awareness on how important sleep really is. When we think about our own relationship with sleep – it can certanly be bittersweet! It’s something we want to do more of but for many reasons we just don’t! Once again – exercise can be that “wonder-drug” to actually help us sleep better….

“Regular exercise, particularly in the morning or afternoon, can impact your sleep quality…working out in the morning, you’ll enjoy longer, deeper sleep at night.” The Sleep Foundation

Our brand new theme for September in our Tonic and Me well@work app is all about SLEEP. Extensive research shows that getting enough quality sleep can improve many health, wellbeing and lifestyle related challenges; the benefits are truly astounding. There is a direct relationship.

From finding out what could be causing your sleep deprivation, understanding the impact on your health, finding out how many hours of sleep you need to discovering ways to boost your energy levels, our app has an array of valuable, information and insights to help to you knock out those ZZzzzz’s.

Email us at to find out more or to send us your organisations details so we can get you subscribing and enjoying the benefits! Download links below if your company is subscribing and you haven’t yet downloaded….

importance of sleep

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