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Coaching for performance

| Becca Clayton

OK – so we can talk about coaching, performance, resilience, engagement, focus, motivation and wellbeing in the workplace. And we all know what it feels like when we are tip-top; flying high; exceeding our own expectations (as well at those set by the boss, line managers and even customers). We feel like we can conquer the world! But NONE of this is possible, none whatsoever, if you are stressed out, and certainly if you are stressed over a prolonged period of time.

So why is there still such a stigma about stress? Surely we all want to feel great, happy, perform well, feel energized and engaged when we are at work – in ourselves, our staff & our colleagues? YES surely? So whose job is it to provide stress management coaching – because all of us from time to time need some coaching.

Coaching is a powerful tool for developing leadership and employee performance.

Stress Management Coaching is centered around peak performance; and is aimed at enhancing motivation and commitment to healthy behaviour change.

Stress Management Coaching is a highly specialist area and it has a key part to play in developing an appropriate supportive framework for employee wellbeing yet is often left ignored. By taking a proactive approach to employee wellbeing and reducing workplace stressors you will also improve the performance, resilience and productivity of your people. You may also limit your chance of litigation and you probably will reduce the costs associated with stress related sickness absence too!Coaching

The thing is, some of the most commonly cited causes of stress – long work hours, excessive workload, tight deadlines, and poor relationships with managers and colleagues are often preventable! So if we remove the stigma, focus on the positives; the outcomes and offer coaching in workplace then these stressors will be identified, managed and addressed.

In a recent survey, Mind found that more than half of workers rated their jobs as fairly or very stressful, so it’s not surprising that HR professionals are seeing more staff coming through their doors seeking help for stress.

So, if you are looking to create a resilient organisation; one that attracts and retains employees that are healthy, productive and engaged; it is crucial to create a culture conducive to promoting wellbeing, (which will also encompass tackling the work related causes of stress and supporting staff experiencing stress).

Health Miles, a workplace health engagement company and part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, found in a recent study a strong link between the wellbeing / vitality of an organisation and the wellbeing of its employees. The result of which was increased job morale, satisfaction, commitment and performance. In short, employees become much more motivated and productive when they know that their employer cares about their wellbeing and offers support.

To learn more about the benefits of employee wellbeing to your organisation and our stress management coaching programmes please just CLICK HERE or call us on 01782 365 108.

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