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The Tonic Lifestyle Assessment uses innovative Firstbeat technology to measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV)*. We say it helps us to connect the dots between your lifestyle and your wellbeing! Our aim is not to eliminate stress but to find the optimal balance between work and leisure; between workload and rest.

*High HRV is generally considered an indicator of a healthy heart, and higher HRV has been found in many studies to be associated with improved psychological wellbeing and quality of life. HRV reacts to stress so ultimately this process helps identify your stressors & measure recovery. It is the ultimate stress test!

Book an assessment and you will also benefit from recommendations and support to optimise your health & wellbeing by your Tonic Practitioner.

Tonic has been a Firstbeat partner for some years now because …


Take a sneaky peak at these graphs it makes it easy to see when and how much stress “v” recovery you experience in your day! Is it balanced? Stress is shown in red in the daily graphs while recovery is presented as green.

The key point is

Without adequate recovery, your battery starts to drain!

In our report, you will also see stats like these which in our experience will motivate and empower you, more than any coaching alone, to take control of your lifestyle and get the balance right!

We say this is all about bringing together measurables and wearables together to provide tangible biometric data (evidence). It means our service is truly holistic when it comes to looking after your health and wellbeing.

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Jyväskylä, Finland, Firstbeat Technologies is a sports and wellness technology company that uses physiological data to create personalised guidance on exercise, stress, sleep and recovery.



Do you get enough recovery? How well do you sleep?

Do you experience too much stress? Which events consume and restore your resources?

Are you active enough? Are you exercising effectively?

If the answers are… NO, NOT WELL, NOT SURE then you really need to book a Tonic Lifestyle Assessment.


A three-day round-the-clock measurement of heart rate variability during work, sleep and leisure time.

Shipping and returning of the Bodyguard 2 measuring device (Covid-safe).

A clear and easy to interpret personal report of your assessment via e-mail.

30-minute feedback call with one of our wellbeing specialists.

Recommendations for next steps to improve your wellbeing.


We complete your screening session.

Then a few days later you will receive the Bodyguard 2 measuring device in the mail and the link to your e-diary via e-mail.

Start the measurement within a week of receiving the measuring device and fill in your e-diary daily. Instructions are provided.

Return the device using the return envelope.

Once your results have been analysed, you will get a link to book a feedback call with a Tonic Practitioner.

You will receive your Lifestyle Assessment report prior to the feedback.


Our assessment helps you connect the dots between lifestyle and wellbeing by tracking heart rate variability, so you will very quickly understand how your body reacts to exercise, stress, your work:life balance, even alcohol and your diet… IT IS SO POWERFUL.

From here with your Tonic practitioners mentoring you will ultimately learn how to manage stress, enhance recovery and quality of your sleep, and exercise right. You will discover how small changes can have a dramatic positive impact on your overall wellbeing.

The same technology used in the Lifestyle Assessment is used by Premier League and Premiership Rugby clubs to help boost player performance and recovery. Firstbeat also works with organisations across the globe, such as the NHS, to help employees perform better and improve resilience.

How’s your body’s battery looking – are you managing to recharge it or is it running low? It’s good to stop and think about this. Most of us will have days that are too busy, or sleeps that are restless, but how does the big picture look? Are you able to balance the tough days with easier ones and get enough sleep most of the time?

I’ve analysed a lot of Firstbeat data over the years and recently especially see that many individuals are struggling with a lot of #stress & too little #recovery.

2020 has been tough, but if we must build resilience, we need to listen to our bodies and minds, and respond. Even a small change is a step in the right direction: 15-min relaxation / 20-min walk / bed 30-min earlier / 5-10-min stretch mid-work / a moment for your favourite leisure activity.

Identifying activities to boost your wellbeing (get that stress bucket emptied) are important, our assessment will show just how vital!

If you, or a colleague is struggling, please reach out and get some help. This is a great place to start by taking a measure! Remember things we measure tend to improve!

(If you are interested in a more holistic package please check out our 360 lifestyle and wellbeing assessment)

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