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Boost My Energy Levels!

| Becca Clayton

Energy is a valuable resource which needs to be managed. Unlike time, you can work to increase your energy levels. When you do increase your energy levels, you can see dramatic improvements in many areas of your life including your productivity, your health and your zest for life.

The need to manage your energy levels is becoming more apparent. One of the biggest obstacles to increased energy levels and productivity is the fact that many of the best methods appear to be counterintuitive. Rather than increase your energy levels and your productivity, you might think that they would do the opposite.

The following 5 habits will help to increase your energy levels, your productivity and your health and all of this can be achieved with minimal effort.

  1. Schedule rest time first – I know that it sounds counter-intuitive but if you want to increase your energy, you need to have adequate recovery from the stresses and strains of daily life. This requires rest. Identify the amount of rest that you require and block that time out of your diary – seriously nothing short of an emergency should interfere with this time. When you are well rested, you are more energetic and ready to take on the world. You can give your all to every task because you know that you will have sufficient opportunity to recover from your efforts. Prioritize your rest time.
  2. Increase your sleep – when trying to get more done, you might decide to eat into your bed / sleep time so that you have more time for your tasks. This is one of the worst choices you could make. Being properly rested will allow you to have more energy and better concentration. Therefore, you complete your tasks quicker and more accurately. Regardless of what you might think, you cannot really catch up on lost sleep. If you want to increase your energy and your productivity, schedule a little more time for sleep. Once your new habit has been established, you will see the benefits.
  3. Keep regular sleeping hours – a degree of regularity enables your body to work to its best. If you want to see the importance of a regular sleep routine, consider what happens when you experience jet lag. Your routine is severely interrupted by the change in time zone and you lack energy, motivation, concentration and effectiveness. Regular sleeping hours enable you to function at your optimum level. To provide this degree of regularity, you can establish a regular time for going to bed and a regular time for getting up.
  4. Take a nap – often you will notice that during the middle of your day, your energy levels will naturally begin to drop. If you try and fight it, you will find it a struggle. Rather than fight it, if possible, take some time out – simply spend some time breathing; being mindful. These activities only need to be brief e.g. 10-20 minutes but they will increase your energy levels dramatically and allow you to have a highly productive afternoon.
  5. Exercise – again you may think of exercise as an activity which robs you of energy but when you regularly exercise and allow yourself sufficient recovery time between exercise sessions, you build up your strength, fitness and stamina. You become more resilient in the face of pressure. This results in you feeling more energised and become more productive.
  6. Being productive does not just require that you manage your time effectively; you must also manage your energy levels. The corporate world is (very) slowly starting to realise the importance of proper rest, relaxation and recovery for maximizing energy and reducing stress. Be a champion in your workplace!!

    Take the time to implement the 5 steps above and you will increase your energy levels. If you need help, are interested in any of our stress management programmes or workplace therapies please contact us to find out more: http://www.choosetonic.co.uk/corporate/


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