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Men’s Health Week – It’s Time To Talk

| Becca Clayton

The Importance of Men’s Health Week

This week, 11th – 17th June 2018, is Men’s Health Week 2018. Men’s Health Week is an annual event in the UK (although it is also celebrated Worldwide), which usually takes place the week leading up to Father’s Day.

Every year, Men’s Health Week is celebrated to heighten awareness of health issues that affect men, in the hope they will discuss their problems and gain the courage to do something about them! We want to champion this cause and help:

Men's Health Week

  1. Increase awareness of preventable health issues for men of all ages.
  2. Support men and boys to engage in healthier lifestyle choices.
  3. Encourage early detection & treatment of health problems in males.

Diabetes Week

This year, the focus is on Diabetes in men, a disease which becomes present in men much more than women, and can develop complications in male bodies at a higher rate than in females.

Unfortunately, this means that men are more likely to have to have amputations and in the worst cases, die, in higher numbers than women. While much work has been done in the diagnosis and fight against Diabetes, awareness is the most important thing. The more people aware of it, the more likely they are to make healthy changes and stop or delay the onset of diabetes.


Latest figures show that one man in 10 now has diabetes and this is expected to increase sharply in middle-aged men over the next 20 years.

“Our plan for this week is to raise awareness amongst men and amongst professionals of the challenge men face.” Men’s Health Forum

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious, lifelong condition that results in too much sugar in the blood or high blood glucose. There are two main types of diabetes, Type One and Type Two.

When you’ve got Type 1 diabetes, you can’t make any insulin at all. If you’ve got Type 2 diabetes, the insulin you make either can’t work effectively, or you can’t produce enough of it.

Type One Diabetes is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces very little or no insulin at all. This ailment is generally diagnosed in children and young adults and cannot be cured. According to the American Diabetes Association, Type One Diabetes is managed by manually injecting insulin daily, taking medications like dietary supplements and hormones and watching what you eat. It will also require regular visits to specialists including endocrinologists, nutritionists, and paediatricians.

Type Two Diabetes on the other hand, is a chronic condition that affects the way your body processes glucose. It’s most often diagnosed in adults. People who are older, overweight and have a family history of diabetes are more at risk for contracting Type Two diabetes, and so are MEN!

Working With Tonic

Our team are fully qualified to offer our clients on-site ‘Non Fasting Lipid and Glucose Testing’ (blood sugar and cholesterol testing).

We come to your workplace and set up a Tonic clinic. During the session we will tell you the levels of your: total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, non-HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides plus your blood sugar. You will be better informed; have your results explained and be given advice to help improve your health and wellbeing wherever possible.

As well as offering independent, confidential guidance and support, we look at how an individual can make lifestyle changes to protect their long term health, whilst ensuring lasting benefits.

Knowing Your Numbers In The Workplace

In addition to our physical health checks, we can help you and your colleagues to be more aware of how lifestyle choices can affect your health & wellbeing, now and in the future. In an effort to support you as much as possible we now deliver Cholesterol and Blood Sugar testing in your Workplace. With the option of a complete individual health & wellbeing assessment to further motivate you, reduce your risk, and measure your success. We also offer organisational wellbeing profiling too.

Find out more about our brand new clinics…

Men's health Week

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