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Tonic’s Online Booking System

When you begin to truly believe in the physical and emotional wellbeing of your staff, it can completely transform the face of your business.

Even though workplace health and wellbeing is moving up the corporate agenda, many businesses still struggle with where to start and also with the time it takes to create and manage a programme. In spite of the tangible benefits in looking after your most important asset (your staff) including lower absence rates, increased productivity and improved employee engagement; feedback says TIME is the biggest barrier to progress when is comes to wellbeing programmes.


If you (or your employer) think that you haven’t got time to set up a workplace wellbeing event but really want to offer something, we can help!

Tonic’s team of practitioners are passionate about WHY we do what we do and indeed how we do it. We boast outstanding levels of customer service. Our solutions, including our COMING SOON Well@Work app – are developed and have evolved around 15 years of solid feedback from organisations and employees alike.

Join us Online

So, if TIME is your biggest challenge, we can overcome this in just a few simple steps when you use the Tonic online booking system:

  1. Choose your event (e.g.)employee health checks
  2. Select your sites and dates
  3. Book your space / room

We will support you and your staff in planning, promoting, delivering and evaluating all events. Our tried and tested online booking system, means we do all the work. And, even after the event, we will provide you with feedback to review engagement and satisfaction.

Whether it is a one-off event or a complete annual wellbeing calendar, this is what we do day in day out. We will develop a tailored, programme centred around engaging topics that will promote wellbeing throughout the year and be accessible to all of your staff.

Take a look at how it works here.

Our health and wellbeing strategies supported by our new digital platform can support you in improving productivity, retaining and engaging employees and making your organisation a desirable place for prospective employees to work.

Contact us today to find out more.

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Tonic - Health & Wellbeing Experts

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