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Planning a workplace Health & Wellbeing Programme

| Becca Clayton

A step by step guide to planning a workplace Health & Wellbeing Programme.

Does the idea of planning a health and wellbeing programme, event or initiative make you feel overwhelmed; enough to put you off? This needn’t be the case. We are here to help you focus on the outcomes; a positive, energised and resilient workforce.

The key to ensuring your programme is successful and has a positive impact on your people is: understanding your message to your audience, setting SMART objectives, planning your road map, communicating effectively, taking action and evaluating your success. So, step by step:

What do you want to say and to who?

Before planning a health and wellbeing event or programme look at the data you hold on your workforce such as gender, age and main reasons for sickness absence, this will help you to address any obvious hotspots. Establish the true cost of absence so you can later measure the impact the initiative has had on the business. Ask employees what are their key health and wellbeing related concerns.

Define objectives

What is your objective for implementing a programme? Is it to reduce employee sickness, increase engagement, heighten awareness of work:life balance, educate on the importance of stress management techniques or perhaps to recognise and reward your people.

Action Plan

Get full support and buy-in from your senior management team to show employees you are serious and committed to improving their health and wellbeing. Involve the right people – contact organisations that specialise in health and wellbeing activities. Using an external party provider will also reduce the impact on in-house resources as the majority of work will be done for you. Decide if the initiative will be a one-off event or part of an ongoing programme? Calendars are a great way to heighten awareness but also help to promote behaviour change which in turn will lead to better results and engagement.


Communication is key to making your programme a success. Sell the pay-offs of having well employees; a wellness culture. Embed it into your vision and values. There are several ways to promote your event, the most successful being: advertise on your internally – use your intranet, put up posters, tell staff via team meetings, recruit champions in each department, send e-shots and even run competitions.

Evaluate Success

Use questionnaires to access feedback from employees – pre and post event. Incentives can be given to employees who take time to complete them – branded water bottles, eye pillows, relaxation audio’s or health monitors – work well and incentivize. It is fundamental to monitor and evaluate the impact your health and wellbeing activities have had on sickness absence, staff turnover, employee engagement and accidents at work. There are many tools available to support analysing effectiveness & measuring success.Fit for Business

At Tonic we work with our customers every step of the way to provide “stress-free” planning of their health and wellbeing events – bespoke to individual needs, goals and budgets. All of the tools in the Tonic toolbox are delivered via our team of fully qualified, experienced and passionate practitioners.

The most popular tools in the Tonic Toolbox:

  • Employee Health Checks
  • Desk and Couch Massage
  • Lunch & Learns (based on the 4 pillars of wellbeing)
  • 1-2-1 Stress Management Coaching
  • Stress Proof My Life Workshops
  • Residential Executive Programmes

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If you are an employee and would like us to contact your employer please feel free to get in touch, confidentially. We can approach your employer with innovative, effective and powerful workplace wellbeing programmes and help them save money too!

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