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Positive & Productive ways to spend your lunch break!

| Becca Clayton

Do you take a break during your working day? Do you know how detrimental it is NOT to?

Lunch breaks are the most important breaks of the day.

Taking a decent lunch break leads to enhanced productivity; meaningful stress reduction and higher energy & concentration levels.

Even though lunch breaks are required by law for most employees, there’s no law saying you have to spend them just eating! Check out this list of positive ways to spend your lunch break:

Take a Nap

Thomas Edison napped. Winston Churchill napped. John D. Rockefeller napped. Research shows that naps will make you more productive and reduce stress. So if you have an hour lunch break, find your spot and take a nap to rest your mind!

Meditate & Breathing Exercises

Like napping, mediation can alleviate stress and get your brain back to functioning. It will make you happier, help your concentration, and increase self-awareness. If you can’t get away from the office, reserve a conference room with no windows and quietly meditate. Or try meditating at your desk.

Practice Yoga / Pilates

And of course there’s always yoga and or pilates, which not only helps you relieve stress but can also lengthen and tone your muscles. You can also ask your colleagues to join in by planning a yoga workout in the board room or asking if they want to go to a class together. This will help you rejuvenate your work day and bond.

Go for a Walk (get those steps up)!
If you work in a walkable area bring in a pair of walking shoes and get those steps up at lunchtime. Again, maybe see if any team members of colleagues wants to come too? Enjoy the fresh air – know you are burning some extra calories and be mindful of your surroundings and indeed the good you are doing yourself. **This is my favourite!! **

Eat Together

Invite a colleague out to lunch. To save money, plan ahead of time and each of you can bring your own. Or if there is an issue between you two, this lunch can provide a chance for reconciliation. If you’re a manager, invite your employee out to lunch and find out how they tick and how you can be more supportive.


Explore your mind. If there’s a book you’ve been meaning to read or a trashy magazine you can’t wait to crack open. Maybe even learn something new. At least let your mind concentrate on something else for a few hours.

Writing down your thoughts can free your mind of something burdening, but it’s also a chance to explore a different side of you. Maybe you’ve been itching to try your hand at writing poems, short stories, novels or scripts. Or maybe you want to write for a blog or website in your spare time for extra money. Practicing written communication will help you succeed.


Spend your time listening to a podcast – you can go for a funny one, an educational one or even catch up on some music. Again this allows you to concentrate on something else for a while and you will certainly come back more refreshed.

How do you spend your lunch break; please share with us we would love to hear.

If any one is interested in some simple but effective breathing exercises that can be practised easily during your lunch break, we have a fabulous CD available that you can purchase for just £2.99 from our website: http://www.choosetonic.co.uk/product/breathing-relaxation-audio-cd/

We have plenty of other tips and hints when it comes to wellbeing in the workplace so if you would like us to come into your organisation for a FREE health and wellness appraisal then please don’t hesitate to contact Becca on 01782 365 108 or becca.clayton@choosetonic.co.uk

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