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Getting the Sedentary Office moving again!

| Becca Clayton

It’s time to SIT LESS and STAND MORE!

Did you know that british people, sit for 8.9 hours each day (on average)? In recent years research on Sedentary Behaviour has increased dramatically and there is growing evidence that a multitude of serious health risks may be connected to “prolonged” and “excessive” sitting.

Sedentary Behaviour science is still emerging, however the evidence to date is compelling. A variety of studies warn that sedentary lifestyles are likely to be causing as many deaths as smoking. How scary is that? Did you have to read that fact again because I certainly did! I am passionate about wellbeing and making a positive difference to people’s lives and that fact scared the hell out of me and certainly it motivates me.

Did you know for instance that sitting for more than 4 hours each day leads to:

  • Reduced calorie burning (Metabolic rate)
  • Disrupted blood sugar levels
  • Increased insulin and blood pressure levels
  • Leg muscles switch off

And it gets worse! The results of prolonged sitting in a sedentary office lead to:

Heart disease,  Diabetes,  Obesity,  Cancer,  Backache,  Depression,  Muscle degeneration

Clearly there is a growing case for change towards better health and productivity

Reducing physical inactivity is in part about reducing sedentary time spent at work, home and in leisure as well as getting people to attain a recommended weekly target of 150 min of moderate-intensity activity plus two muscle strengthening sessions per week!

9 ways prolonged sitting can harm you

CREDIT: GetBritainStanding.org

Follow some simple changes below to help you and your colleagues to get up on your feet; MOVE more and SIT less – it’s easier than you think:

  • Stand during phone calls
  • Stand and take a break from your computer every 30 minutes
  • Use the stairs
  • Have standing or walking meetings
  • Eat your lunch away from your desk
  • Walk to your colleague’s desk instead of phoning or emailing them
  • Stand at the back of the room during presentations


While more evidence is required to add greater certainty and precision to this set of recommendations, the key elements remain to highlight the potential ills of sitting for prolonged periods, by embracing emerging benefits to make your people fit 4 business.

At Tonic, with our passionate and experienced team of coaches, personal trainers, massage therapists and nutritionists we can work with you to develop and support wellbeing champions in-house.  Alternatively our 60 minute POW (Power of Wellbeing) workshops are great way to get started (and in fact are currently amongst the popular tools in the Tonic Toolbox), Check out POW 1 – Smooth Move – Move MORE, Move BETTER – focussing on physical activity, getting people moving, better posture and changing sedentary behaviours!

Whether through collaboration, training, coaching, 1-2-1 work or group sessions we can help to engage, motivate and support employees to change their behaviour, resulting in happier and more productive teams! Simply visit our website to start your wellbeing journey: www.choosetonic.co.uk/corporate-wellbeing/wellbeing-workshops/

Sources: Active Working, Get Britain Standing.org, Livestrong.org

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