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Stress – a modern buzzword??!!

| Becca Clayton

With all the pressures of modern life it’s so easy to feel stressed…. but what exactly is stress?

Stress is a modern, widely used buzzword that’s used to describe the feelings of “distress” experienced when tension, pressure or even boredom are perceived to become unbearable; beyond our ability to cope!

The signs and symptoms for each and every one of us will vary and also depend largely on how well you manage your stress. The key is knowing that there can be serious health risks if stress becomes chronic (long-term and un-managed). Your aim should be to achieve and maintain an equilibrium that feels comfortable for you. There are plenty of excellent self-help and professional stress guides out there; some will offer spiritual tips, while others will give you practical advice. Some focus on nutrition and others on fitness and relaxation to mitigate stress. The key is to pick those that resonate and work for you. Just as long as you’re actively doing something to reduce, prevent and manage stress in your life to stop it becoming chronic



Remember prevention is better than cure!

Stress comes in many forms – relationships, work, health, hormones, momentary dilemmas, and more – and there are just as many ways of tackling it and building resilience, so no excuses!




A question that I am often asked is:

How do I avoid stress?

The Answer is:

You can’t.

Stress is inevitable in the 21st century. It’s making sure that recognise it and then manage it that matters. Rather than trying to avoid it or, even worse, denying that it affects you.

First, learn to recognise your symptoms of stress. Typical warning signs include: feeling of loss of control; thinking about issues especially work even when not doing it; problems sleeping or eating; feeling the need for drink or drugs; shorter temper; reduced attention; inability to focus; and loss of interest in sex, appearance and life in general.

Then it’s about learning to manage it…..so here’s a few easy things to remember:

Try not to take things – or yourself – too seriously.

Take pride in what you do but don’t try to control everything.

Change is inevitable and also unpredictable. Don’t fight it, try to embrace it.

If you feel you need to then speak to an expert who will help you to pinpoint your stressors and to develop some coping strategies specifically for you and your life, then do it. Don’t delay share your worries and tackle the causes.

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