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Tips to avoid overeating this Christmas…

| Becca Clayton

There are many reasons why we find ourselves overeating at this time of the year but………. there is a way to eat to minimise hunger & excess calories!

It involves understanding the digestive process a little.

The human body breaks down food for use as glucose which is fuel to power your cells.

Carbohydrates are the easiest to break down, followed by proteins and lastly fats. Within the carbohydrates family there are two basic types – SIMPLE and COMPLEX.

Simple (like white bread) have been processed so it’s very easy for the digestive system to make glucose from them. Complex carbs (like brown rice) have NOT been processed and so are harder to break down.

By slowing down the speed at which food breaks down, the glucose is supplied slowly and surely. (This is good)!

So quite simply by understanding and taking advantage of the way that the human body works we can regulate blood glucose levels so that we have consistent energy levels and hunger is minimised; thus the risk of overeating is also lower ……RESULT!

Yes it’s only once a year but Christmas food looks more attractive; and Christmas food is generally much higher in calories so with this as well as all the festive merriment and tempting treats, our self-control and sense of fullness tend to go out of the window. Our simple tips below will help you curb the calories, avoid overeating and still let you enjoy the season to the full.

Our TOP three tips to keep it simple are:

  1. Have COMPLEX carbohydrates, with protein and a little fat every time you eat.
  2. East every 3-4 hours (little and often)
  3. Do NOT skip meals

Follow these simple tips to avoid overeating (and don’t forget to factor in the drinks). Research shows alcohol not only increases our appetite but can weaken our willpower, meaning we’re even more likely to overindulge on festive nibbles. A handy tip is to add ice to alcoholic drinks as this will dilute them and try to choose spritzers and/or punch, as this will cut your calorie count too.

Last of all be mindful, follow our tips and most importantly…….

enjoy the festive season to the full!

For more tips and meal time help please don’t hesitate to email me on: becca@choosetonic.co.uk.

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