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Vitamin D – The “Miracle” Vitamin?

Vitamin D enjoys an almost unique status as the ‘miracle’ vitamin, popularised by its key role in bone metabolism and the increasing amount of research showing its importance across a wide range of biological activity. If that weren’t enough, it’s widely acknowledged that many of us are deficient or have sub-optimal levels of vitamin D.

These two facts contribute to its deserved prominence in both conventional and alternative medicine.

But just how important is vitamin D to our health and wellbeing, and what exactly are the risks of deficiency? The answer is that it is of paramount importance and understanding it is vital for those interested in healthcare.

The best-known biological function of vitamin D is its endocrine function that increases calcium and phosphorus absorption and thus directly influences bone health metabolism. However, vitamin D’s potential ‘autocrine’ influences are far wider. These include calcium regulation, bone mineralization, cell differentiation, insulin regulation, cardiovascular health, immunity / autoimmunity & mood.

For more information on Vitamin D in practise; in particular dosage & supplementation, please contact Becca.

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