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Wellbeing @ Work…. whose responsibility is it and whose should it be?

| Becca Clayton

Tonic has corporate clients from a broad spectrum of industry sectors right across the UK as well as working with many individuals (locally across the Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire plus clients dotted around the UK who use our Skype Coaching services) – this allows us to understand trends and specific attitudes different industries have with regards to wellbeing and stress management, as well as different and emerging needs for personal wellbeing across the UK.

In terms of CORPORATE or EMPLOYEE WELLBEING sometimes we find that stress management falls under the responsibility of Health and Safety (H&S) however with other clients the wellbeing@ work activities that we support them with are driven by Human Resources (HR).

So whose responsibility is it? Or whose should it be?

In my experience the organisations that enjoy the most benefit are the ones that work with us to create a culture of wellness through out the whole business; those that address stress as a cross-functional business objective, and approach it as a collaboration between HR, H&S, Occupational Health and Training / Development with the buy-in and support of all senior managers – top down!

Who are the drivers within your organisation?

In addition to this, we recognise that sometimes budget constraints don’t allow organisations to provide the sort of care their employees deserve, which is why every month we present different offers and incentives for you and your organisation.

Contact us to find out more – we are, for a limited time, offering some wonderful de-stress programmes at Rookery Hall Health Club and Spa which can be incorporated into training and development agendas, offered as incentives or rewards or quite fundamentally integrated in to the heart of your business strategy to clearly show that your organisation prioritises employee wellbeing.

So whatever your department, role or responsibility why not contact us to find out more: 01782 365 108 or 07977 100 772 or becca.clayton@choosetonic.co.uk and get started!

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