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Revealing the relationship between your lifestyle and your wellbeing!

| Becca Clayton

Do you understand the direct relationship between your lifestyle and your wellbeing?

What and when you eat; when and how you exercise, how well you sleep, when and how often you relax – all these factors directly affect your energy levels, your performance, your fitness, your mood – indeed your overall wellbeing.

Well, we have just the answer… we can now provide you a comprehensive lifestyle assessment that will help to motivate you to make lasting lifestyle changes to the way you eat, the way you move and the way you recharge?!

In our new Peak Performance Program we deliver real evidence-based coaching using the Firstbeat monitor – it captures the whole picture. The assessment reveals what is happening inside your body and explains WHY it is happening. We will discover causes of stress and plus activities in your day-to-day life that promote recovery. We will help you take the right steps towards better wellbeing, enhanced performance and resilience.

Your wellbeing (and that of any company) starts with the individual; with YOU.

Our Peak Performance Lifestyle Assessment is a complete health and wellbeing check that reveals the links between lifestyle and performance. With personalised stress and recovery profiles you (and your staff / team / colleagues) learn how to manage stress, feel more energetic and focused at home and at workphysiological

If you are interested in capturing a snapshot of your health and wellbeing here and now; and in truly understanding the relationship with your wellbeing and lifestyle choices, then you will love our new Peak Performance Program. It includes a 24 hour profile on your stress levels, your recovery and your exercise. You will wear a Bodyguard monitor and complete an online diary, which allows the mapping of behaviour and feelings against actual physiological response. From this we will:

  • Uncover causes of stress

  • Help to prevent exhaustion and recognise early signs of burnout

  • See your recovery sufficiency and sleep quality

  • Understand the health and fitness effects of your physical activity levels


We face a new phase of health and wellbeing using mobile technology available to us today. The Tonic team is harnessing this progress and sharing it with you to help make your life better. For us there can be no doubt that the collection of data about our bodies and behaviours can be a strong weapon in promoting wellbeing, preventing illness and indeed in enhancing performance.


To find out more about both 1-2-1 coaching and how it could change your life for the better call Becca on 01782 365 108

For all corporate wellness enquiries – programs and workshops visit to find out more: MAKE MY LIFE BETTER

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