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Why Exactly Is A Workplace Health Check SO Important?

| Becca Clayton

A Workplace Health Check Program – Do We REALLY Need That?

Staff health should always be a priority. We see it as vital.

A healthy workforce is one that’s engaged and therefore more productive. Even if a member of staff comes to work, if they don’t feel well, they won’t be as productive as they could be. This costs companies money and makes for unhappy employees. The health of the workforce is something that should be high on the agenda of every organisation to recruit, engage and retain talent! In addition we think it quite simply demonstrates to employees that they are a valued part of a company, their employer cares. Our surveys show clearly this matters to employees. A Tonic Workplace Health Check can help to identify health problems early before they become serious enough to take a person off work – and that’s a good thing for everyone!

What are the benefits of employee health checks?

One of the most important benefits of employee health screenings is PREVENTION. It’s all about detecting health issues that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. Blood pressure and cholesterol screening can identify employees at higher risk for heart disease. Once we are AWARE of our risk factors we can do something about it. These are both conditions that can be treated with lifestyle changes to lower heart disease risk. When these problems are addressed early, it may prevent a future heath issue that takes an employee off the job for weeks or even worse consequences still!

Simple checks help to identify staff that may have diabetes or are at risk. An employee can have type 2 diabetes and not be aware of it since the symptoms are often subtle. Screening can also pick up blood sugar levels that are higher than normal but aren’t yet in the diabetic range. Again, our focus is prevention! Type 2 diabetes is a major risk factor for heart disease and many other health problems as well.

Health screening helps employees adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

A Workplace health check will contribute to staff health by encouraging employees to reassess their lifestyle habits. Awareness is the first step to change! When a company places a priority on health, heightens awareness and also motivates staff to look more closely at their lifestyle, exercise and dietary choices. By knowing they have high blood pressure for instance they’ll be encouraged to make the lifestyle changes needed to correct the problem, and even see a GP is necessary.

Why Employee Workplace Health Checks Are SO Important

Employers can reap benefits by offering to help employees Lose Weight, MOVE MORE, Get Fit, De-stress and even Sleep Better. Eliminating bad habits can significantly improve overall staff health. Through our health checks Tonic can also better understand the stresses and strains individuals are under in their role so helping potentially to assess and tackle work-related stress too.

Employees appreciate it

Our feedback show that employees feel good when their employer takes an interest in their health. We have also found that the process of carrying out a health check is one thing but finding someone who understands an employees’ worries or concerns, and can talk them through why the check is being carried out and what the results might mean is equally as important.
A workplace wellbeing program promotes goodwill among staff because they know their company cares about their wellbeing. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Companies benefit by getting employees that are healthier and focused on being productive rather than dealing with health issues.

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The bottom line

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) encourage all workplaces to take steps to improve the health of their employees; saying interventions are highly cost-effective and have a multitude of benefits. Not all employees are as health conscious as they should be. A workplace health & wellbeing program gives employees health feedback they might not otherwise get. This can motivate them to make better lifestyle choices and prevent future health problems. That’s why more companies are choosing to screen and educate their employees about health issues – It’s all about prevention, awareness and ultimately health improvement. It saves money in the long run by keeping employees happy and productive. It improves team working, enhances the company’s CSR reputation and brand when recruiting, and reduces sickness absence!

Discover what we can include in your bespoke Workplace Health Check Program. Read more on our website here.

Email us today for immediate help with your workplace health & wellbeing needs at hello@choosetonic.co.uk

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