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Workplace Health Promotion

| Becca Clayton

The workplace directly influences the physical, mental and social wellbeing of employees and offers an ideal setting in which to support the promotion of health. So what exactly is wokplace health promotion?

Workplace health promotion can be described as “the combined efforts of employers, employees and providers to enhance the health and wellbeing of people at work”. It enhances the work environment and company culture, whilst improving organisational productivity and efficiency.

Health Promotion Heart

Employers are increasingly recognising that they have a duty of care to the health and wellbeing of their workforce and that tangible investments in employee health and wellbeing within the workplace encourage productivity. In fact, long-term business success can only really be achieved through a healthy, qualified and motivated workforce.

In addition, investing in the health of employees can also bring business benefits such as reduced sickness absence, increased loyalty and better staff retention.

Approaches to it will vary from organisation to organisation and are often closely linked to the outcomes of risk assessments, they may include:

  • Actively involving employees in work environment, workplace health promotion, and nomintaing champions.
  • An organisational commitment to improving the health of the workforce including measures to enhance wellbeing at work, for example:

Health MOT’s, Workplace Massage, Therapies like mindfulness and Kore therpapy to postural assessment Workshops on healthy lifestyles and the pillars of wellbeing: STRESS, SLEEP, ACTIVITY & NUTRITION

  • Offering courses for managers on how to deal with stress and tension within their team.

At Tonic, we are passionate about workplace health promotion. With 12 years experience in wellbeing, stress management, risk assessment and health promotion we are passionate about empolyee wellbeing and are confident we can make your workplace a healthier, more resilient one!

Our mission is to provide the tools, support, education and just as importantly the incentive to help people take control of their health and wellbeing – at work and at home!

For information on work-related health issues, or for guidance on making the workplace a healthier one – please contact Becca on FREEPHONE 0808 1088 397 or becca.clayton@choosetonic.co.uk

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