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Workplace Wellbeing – When Good Intentions Backfire??!

| Becca Clayton

Workplace Wellbeing

What is essential to good workplace wellbeing? Sometimes employers can create the opposite of what was intended. For example – a company allowing “unlimited holiday” resulted in less holiday being taken. Good intentions from employers can sometimes have the opposite effect creating a culture of Presenteeism.

What is Presenteeism?

“Presenteeism” is the practice of being present at work for more hours than required. This especially includes being present at work when you are unwell, or unable to function at your full capacity. as a manifestation of insecurity about losing or jeopardising your job. Presenteeism can cause productivity loss, poor health, exhaustion, extended recovery times and poor health as well as workplace epidemics. According to a survey by Aviva UK – workers in the United Kingdom are said to be three times more likely to struggle into work than take sick leave when needed. Seven in ten (69%) private sector workers (equivalent to eighteen million nationally) admit to having gone into work when they should’ve taken the day off ill.

Research also shows that employee wellbeing is more than just people’s medical health. Taking a more holistic approach can reveal the true costs of impaired health which have previously been under-estimated. In an article taken from Prospect, a magazine published by Black Country Chamber  – PayCare gave their approach on the Presenteeism epidemic:

“It is imperative that employers not only acknowledge that individuals aren’t able to perform at their best 100 percent of the time, but that they take a holistic view of their team’s physical and mental health and proactively implement programmes to discourage Presenteeism within their organisations”.

Why Tonic?

Tonic is well practised in sourcing and delivering the best products and services that will help your staff to take control, monitor and optimise their health & wellbeing. We will help you avoid the most common pitfalls of well intentioned initiatives.

Research shows that employee wellbeing is more than just people’s medical health. Employers who confine their approach to conventional health factors miss critical clues on how to optimise a healthy and productive workforce. Our holistic approach ensures this doesn’t happen.

Areas such as workplace mental health, working environment and balance all can play a big role in employee wellbeing as well as efficiency and performance.

Mental Health is a significant issue in business, but it is also a complex and sensitive one that may require medical or specialist intervention. However, leaders and team members can be equipped with coping strategies and easily implementable techniques or approaches to ease mental strain at work.

Balance too – think about it with your own wellbeing. It can be heavily impacted by conflicting demands on your time and availability. With 1 in 8 employees also acting as unpaid carers, for instance, flexibility about how, when and where they work can be a valuable benefit.

We work closely with our strategic partners to continually strive to develop new innovative evidence based programmes that will further improve overall employee health and wellbeing! Through early identification of personal stressors, signs, symptoms and triggers, then putting in place bespoke interventions, Tonic will help raise awareness of key risk factors that impact directly on life, happiness and health. Our programmes will help you to attract staff, retain them and create a vibrant working environment.

We feel employee wellbeing has never been more critical. Do you?

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