How long does my reward session last?
These sessions can last 20, 30 45 and 60 mins. Take your pick. Your employer can decide on the appointment register.
Do I need to change clothing before I go to my reward session?
No you do not need to change your clothing. If you have booked for an Indian head massage you may be more comfortable to change into a t-shirt which you are welcome to do.
Do I need to remove clothing before my massage?
If you have booked for a back massage you will need to remove your upper clothing. Your practitioner will leave the room for you to get changed and onto the bed in privacy. We also bring a screen into the room for added privacy.
Will I need to shower before or after my massage?
No you are not required to shower unless you wish to or have access to a shower. Keeping oils on after your treatment will help to hydrate your skin and sooth your muscles.
What is reflexology?
This alternative therapy focuses on pressure points on the feet. These points correlate to points and organs in the body. This treatment can help to alleviate back pain, help with digestion, relieve arthritic pain, fight colds and infections.
What is Indian head massage?
This complementary therapy works on the head and shoulders mainly, which will help to relieve tension in these areas. It can also prevent and relieve headaches and migraines. This holistic treatment will boost your concentration and leave you with a sense of calm.
Can I have a sports massage?
Yes. Sports massage is a deep form of soft tissue mobilisation. It can be applied in a sporting and non-sporting context. Like all our massage it can involve a wide range of techniques that include effleurage, kneading, wringing, and trigger pointing. Simply check with your practitioner on the day and let them know what pressure you would like them to apply and any problem areas.
Can I have a manicure or pedicure?
Yes, you can. We do recommend you always double check beforehand with your Champion on the rewards available.
Which treatment is best for headaches?
Our Indian head massage will work on pressure points around your scalp and head which will help alleviate headaches and prevent them from reoccurring. Back massage too will help and can offer immediate benefit. Again, tell your practitioner in the pre-treatment check, your areas of concern.
Which treatment is best for back ache?
Booking a massage with a Tonic practitioner will include a consultation so your practitioner can focus on the exact areas that you need paying attention to so they can relieve stress and tension in these areas for you to relieve and prevent back aches and pains.
What is holistic therapy?
Most of our rewards are holistic therapies. They focus on the body, mind, emotions and overall feeling of wellbeing for the individual. It will help to alleviate the body of aches and pains, soothe and calm the mind helping to relieve stress and anxiety. The focus on overall wellbeing should leave you feeling an overall sense of calmness and equilibrium (balance in mind and body)
Will I be able to choose between a male or female practitioner?
You will not be able to choose as our expert practitioners are preassigned for your reward day. Be assured every practitioner has been selected to work on the tonic team based on their high standard of client care, professionalism, and expertise in treatment delivery.
Can I have more than one session on the day?
Consult your employer to see if this is an option on the day. Wellbeing Champions are often offered double sessions. In the unlikely event that there are any sessions un-booked then ask your practitioner.
What forms do I need to fill in and where can I find them?
You will be required to complete a medical and lifestyle questionnaire prior to your treatment. Your tonic practitioner will guide you through this via the Tonic and Me app. You must complete this before your session takes place, as this is a pre-treatment questionnaire. This is to keep you safe and to ensure you get the most out of your treatment.
I feel embarrassed/self-conscious about my body when having a reward session, have you got any advice for me?
Our tonic practitioners will have a completely private area in which your treatment will be carried out. They will explain fully what you can expect from your treatment and will allow you complete privacy to get changed pre and post treatment. We want you to feel relaxed and enjoy your appointment. If you have any questions always ask.

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