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Five Great Relaxation Techniques You Need to Be Doing Right Now

| Becca Clayton

We all live with stress every day. We face stressful situations daily that can ignite our ‘stress response’ which is a perfectly normal reaction and can be positive (this is often referred to as eustress), it’s when this response becomes chronic and long-term that it can be hugely detrimental to our health. Long-term stress can lead to harmful changes to your body, suppress your immune system & ultimately lead to exhaustion mentally and physically.

One of the best ways to combat and even prevent this long-term stress is to initiate the ‘relaxation response’. Tonic Wellbeing has many effective relaxation techniques in the tonic toolbox that can help you to combat stress and anxiety, ensuring you get back in control of your emotional state, and feel energised again. Below we list five you should be doing right now.

1. Breathing

We do it every second of everyday day but spending a few minutes abdominal breathing is a fantastic relaxation technique that can help lower your blood pressure and stop feelings of anxiety. Breathing techniques, such as box breathing, are one of the simplest relaxation strategies and can effective and immediately calm your stressed body and mind, anywhere at any time. 

2. Pilates

There are huge benefits to Pilates including better posture, muscle tone and most importantly, helping to relieve stress and anxiety. Pilates is an exercise that has become popular as a way for people to develop all round body strength which compliments their training plans and lifestyle. Not only that but it can help with joint mobility leading to a fuller and longer life.

3. Listen to Music

There is nothing better than listening to music to relax, as it will take your mind off stressful thoughts and anxious feelings. Many people like to listen to music to help them drift off to sleep, anything around 60 BPM can induce alpha brainwaves. It’s not only music that can help with relaxation, but soothing sounds such as falling rain can be very relaxing.

4. Meditation

Meditation is a great way of relaxing the body and clearing the mind – and it only require a few minutes out of your day. Daily meditation can make you more resilient by altering the brains neural pathways. Whether you take 10 minutes in the morning or last thing at night, spending time meditating has a multitude of health benefits, stress relief being just one.

5. Massage

Having a massage can reduce the stress and tension in your body as well as alleviate anxiety and depression. A variety of physiological effects occur during a massage to help reduce stress. The most common physiological effects that occur include increased endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, and decreased cortisol. A massage will leave you feeling less stressed, more energised, and ready to attack the day!

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