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Five Ways Managers Can Support Employee Mental Health

| Becca Clayton

Never has mental health been so important than now. With the pandemic causing and amplifying stress levels and uncertainty people’s mental health has been severely tested – especially in the workplace.

While many of us can get help at home from family members and loved ones, at work (whatever the hybrid working scenario) it is a different kettle of fish for managers who need to ensure they are offering the right level of support.

Mental health (and mental illness) should not be regarded as taboo subjects.  As a manager being open and honest about your own mental health can often help your employees to do the same. In this article we look at 5 ways managers can support employee mental health.

Promote healthy behaviour

Finding the perfect work-life balance can be tricky but it is a necessity to promote and practice positive mental health. Behaviours such as going for a walk at lunchtime, taking microbreaks or even taking a few minutes for a cuppa, away from the computer can help massively.

Regular check-ins

Outside of manager and employee performance meetings, it is a good idea to schedule regular check-ins with staff. This should be an informal catch-up over a coffee or some lunch and involves taking the time to delve deeper than just asking someone “how are you”? Try to encourage your employees to be open which will help you to build trust.

Be flexible

Being flexible is another area where managers can support employee mental health. Whether that is allowing people to choose their own working hours or reiterating that your door is always open to people who need to chat. Flexibility should be a staple part of your management structure even more so where mental health is concerned. Mental Health we all have it – mental illness can develop when signs are ignored.


Communication is key in the workplace so when someone is struggling it’s important to know the signs and be there to offer support or even a signpost for expert support. While they might not want to share too much detail at first, they need to know that there is someone to turn to if things get too much for them in the workplace.

Wellbeing support

Making your people aware of all the wellbeing resources available can encourage them to be more open about their feelings; as well as communicating clearly how mental health is directly linked to physical health, and how both can affect their performance and motivation in the workplace.

At Tonic Wellbeing we have a wide range of support services, and people, to help employees flourish in the workplace. Programmes can be tailored to suit the needs of your individual employees and teams. We can provide them with all the tools they need to look after their physical and mental wellbeing 24/7.

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