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| Becca Clayton

The optimism & fresh outlook we expect with the dawn of a new year has not been as forthcoming as we had hoped in 2021! Does this resonate with you? In the pursuit of a positive, one thing is for certain – we understand (more than ever) that our wellbeing needs protecting and it needs to be a priority!

At Tonic, our wellbeing programmes centre around the pillars of wellbeing and the underlying principle that our physical and mental health are intrinsically linked. Our minds and bodies are inextricably intertwined and equally involved in our quality of life. Our wellbeing affects how we think, feel and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Hence, this blog as we feel it is vital to get some clarity on what exactly is wellbeing, and in particular the holistic nature of wellbeing.


Although it does not have a definitive definition, holistic wellbeing is considered more of an approach to life.  Iencompasses the whole person, how you interact with your environment, and the connection of your mind, body spirit.  

holistic wellbeing


When we take a holistic approach to our wellbeing, we are caring for our whole self. In essence when we care equally for the different pillars of our wellbeing, we are in balance, so we are whole.

Wellbeing is..

  • A conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.
  • A multi-dimensional and holistic approach.
  • Positive and affirming.

This diagram we feel is a great representation of the multidimensional nature to holistic wellbeing…


holistic wellbeing



In order to simplify supporting your holistic wellbeing, we suggest there are 4 key categories to work on in order to be fully “well”:


This relates to a balanced and optimal functioning body. It relates to our bodies’ energy levels, endurance, and flexibility. It is our physical behaviours – the ability to sleep,  eat,  perform, be free from addiction and medication and be  resilient against stress.  


This is about getting involved; recognising which relationships in your life are healthy and which are toxic. It is the extent to which you feel a sense of belonging, social inclusion and social stability, it encompasses our lifestyles, values and our beliefs. Read more here.


Emotional wellbeing contributes to healthy self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, and good emotional intelligence. It is about how we think, how we feel, how we behave, how life affects us and how we cope with it, how we engage with others, and the choices we make. It links directly to with our mental wellbeing as mental health refers to our emotional health.


Spiritual wellbeing is the ability to experience meaning and purpose in life through a connection to one’s self, or a power greater than oneself. It is known to be one of the most powerful sources of strength, inspiration, and motivation on the journey of recovery and healing. 


holistic wellbeing



Understanding your key holistic measures is vital  in order to be able to improve your holistic wellbeing and for you to be the best version of yourself possible! This a a great place to start. Try to answer the following questions and think about your response… is there scope for improvement? 

  • How many hours of sleep do you get each night? 
  • Do you exercise daily? 
  • How would you describe your relationships? 
  • Do you eat well and think of food as fuel, as medicine? 
  • Do you have a strong, social support network? 
  • Are you happy with your job?  
  • Do you have any financial challenges? 
  • How well do you connect with new people? 

It is down to YOU to ensure you prioritise and focus on your own physical and mental wellbeing.  And try to remember that it is vital to invest in all of the categories!

holistic wellbeing

Now more than ever it is time to realise wellbeing doesn’t just happen. You need an action plan! Make 2021 the year you make time for YOU! It is critical wherever you are on the continuum of health, surviving or thriving!

holistic wellbeing


Give it a go and let us know how you get on! If you would like a wellbeing 1-2-1 with a Tonic practitioner then get in touch there are lots of ways we can help, support and motivate you!

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