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Mental Health- We all have it!

This week, 18th – 24th May is Mental Health Awareness Week.  Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, every year Mental Health Awareness Week aims to raise awareness around the stigma of mental health and encourage more people to open up about their thoughts, anxieties and worries.

Whilst mental health is and should always be an important topic, with more people feeling isolated, lonely and insecure due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we think that we need to support each other now and in the post-normal world, more than ever. And Tonic can help…

Mental Health & Kindness

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week topic is ‘Kindness.’ The Mental Health Foundation says:

“Kindness could transform our schools, places of work, communities and families. Let’s shape a society that tips the balance in favour of good mental health, for all of us, but especially for those who are most vulnerable. “

Here at Tonic, we love this quote and it resonates with us all. As wellbeing experts, we know how important it is to be able to show and receive kindness. Small acts, words and attitudes from both ourselves and others are huge factors to mental health wellbeing.

Mental Health in the Workplace

“Attitudes to wellbeing and mental health in the workplace are changing – slowly – but they are changing. We wholeheartedly welcome programmes such as Public Health England’s #EveryMindMatters and the Government’s #Mind’s #TimeToChange campaigns.” Becca Clayton

However Tonic recognises that there is still a stigma or taboo attached to mental health issues in the workplace and many people remaining isolated. This is why it is key that we all work together to end the stigma about speaking out and seeking help. Tonic wants to play an active role in ending discrimination and prioritising wellbeing at work.

Whether it’s work that’s causing mental health issues or aggravating it, businesses have a responsibility to protect the mental wellbeing of their staff, and equip workplaces with the awareness, knowledge and resources to safeguard employees against situations that could result in a mental health crisis.

Tonic’s Mental Health Experts want to help employers to better understand the positive reasons for supporting staff with mental ill health, and furthermore promote positive wellbeing. If ignored, it can impact on engagement, staff turnover presenteeism and turn into conflict.

That’s why we have designed a plan to be used to support and promote employee mental health and wellbeing at work. It is a self-designed prevention and wellbeing process, used to address all kinds of physical, mental health and life issues. Encouraging disclosure, promoting rehabilitation and with a focus on prevention.

Email us or visit our website to receive the full version of our Resilience and Wellbeing Plan.

Tonic and Me: well@work App

Last month we were thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new well@work app. A lot of hard work, research, dedication and input from numerous experts means that our app can and does tick plenty of boxes as well as offering all subscribers unlimited access to a wellbeing hub of guidance, insights and support.

We know that supporting staff wellbeing and driving engagement in wellness related activities consistently leads to more resilient teams. Our unique and innovative blended approach to employee wellbeing utilises digital technology, supported with personalised on-site services all delivered by the Tonic Team.

Tonic and Me – The Benefits

We are all familiar with the saying ‘a healthy workforce is a happy one,’ and “good health is good business”. Both of these sayings are born out of a growing body of research that proves that workplace wellbeing programmes result in reduced absences, higher productivity, retention of talent, an attractive employer brand, a dynamic culture and generally happier employees.

wellbeing programme

Understanding the factors that affect our mental and physical health (and those around us) is an essential part of our wellbeing; and staying both physically and emotionally well. The Tonic and Me app helps individuals and organisations to achieve this.

  • It supports employees and allows them to monitor their health statistics
  • It includes an optional Stress Risk Assessment (based on the HSE management standards)
  • Monthly Topics and Quizzes
  • Tonic Boosts to motivate employees via positive reinforcements and rewards

Ultimately, it will help employees to confidentially establish and maintain healthier lifestyle choices, and will offer your organisation a powerful profiling tool for anonymised wellness reporting.

The Tonic team are truly focused on working with you to embed wellbeing into the heart of your organisation this year – we say something that  is needed now more than ever!


How Tonic Can Help

Wellbeing should be paramount now; to cover every employer’s duty of care but also, above and beyond that, our moral responsibility to our most prized asset – our people. Employers need to remember that their duty of care for people’s health and safety carries on no matter where staff are based.

Simon Blake, Chief Executive of Mental First Aid (MHFA) England says:

Covid-19 has disrupted our lives but also shown our potential for huge acts of kindness, both as individuals and, critically, at an organisational level. Businesses have donated essentials to key workers, workplaces have fundraised for struggling charities, and companies have quickly adapted to create vital products for our NHS.

Adjusting to a new normal will take time, focus and energy. Every employer must recognise the importance of a robust mental health and wellbeing strategy.

 Employers have a duty of care to support the many people continuing to work from home, and to help those transitioning back to physical workplaces and protect psychological safety as they do. For the sake of every individual’s wellbeing and for the continued survival and fight back of businesses and the economy we must ensure mental health is at the top of the Boardroom agenda.

With so many people working at home, it can be hard for managers to pick up on cues that their team members and colleagues might be struggling. It is therefore increasingly important that managers are regularly checking in with their team. Sometimes when this is an independent, third party support, engagement is better.

Not only can we train your managers to help themselves and colleagues with their mental health, we can also offer via, the Tonic and Me app, seamless wellbeing related information and support for staff, but also confidentiality in our virtual 1-2-1’s with experts in the fields of mental health stress management and resilience.

The CIPD recommended employers carried out the following during and after the crisis:
  • Support and guide their managers so that they feel equipped to have sensitive and supportive discussions with staff
  • Remind managers about the importance of communicating regularly with their team and asking how they are
  • Encourage staff to practise self-care such as a healthy routine for diet, sleep and relaxation
  • Promote their existing health and wellbeing benefits and support, for example signposting people to their counselling helpline

positive mental health

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