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“Tonic And Me” the NEW Workplace Wellbeing App …..

A brand new year is upon us and we unreservedly welcome 2020. A new decade has arrived and so has our brand new “Tonic and Me” app. Are you ready to make 2020 the year you prioritise wellbeing in your workplace?

Your Well@Work Tonic App

“For those of you that know us, you will see immediately that our brand new Tonic app (several years in the making), is a natural extension of the services we have offered for the last 16 years. In essence, it will support and enhance our 1-2-1 practitioner-led services.” Becca Clayton, Founder & Managing Director

We think our brand new app ticks so many boxes when it comes to workplace wellbeing! It provides a digital platform and tools to motivate individual employees, via positive reinforcements and rewards. It will help employees to confidentially establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices and on an organisational level, it will be a powerful profiling tool offering anonymised reporting. Ultimately, it is a barometer which will measure if your organisation is fit-for-business.

Our focus will remain holistic at all times. This is a connected wellbeing solution and we already have version 2 in the pipeline with addtional modules and training to cover Mental Health Awareness, Personal Resilience and Health Scores. Tonic will offer incredible value to exisiting and new customers alike, with an abundance of individual and organisational benefits. Adding more, the use of blended purposeful and positive Tonic Boosts, alongside 1-2-1 health monitoring will encourage healthy lifestyle choices and behaviours. The decision as to how much support, how many 1-2-1’s; how many rewards you choose, is all down to you.

The app is also fully customisable. Meaning you can incorporate your own company branding, information and own employee benefits.  

Tonic App


From as little as £10.00 per employee per month, “Tonic and Me” can play a proactive role in your employees wellbeing.  We know that supporting engagement consistently leads to a more productive, healthier and resilient workforce.  Therefore, our unique and innovative approach utilises intuitive digital technology, blended with personalised on-site services delivered by me and my dedicated and growing  Tonic Team.

Let Tonic boost employee health, engagement and wellbeing in your workplace in 2020!

Tonic And Me

Our brand new Tonic And Me app will allow your employees personalised log-in details to securely monitor and track their latest health statistics including:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Composition
  • Waist : Hip Ratio
  • Hydration
  • Bone Mass
  • Blood Sugar
  • Cholesterol

The Tonic App will offer unlimited access to a library of health, wellbeing and lifetyle guidance and support. It will also deliver regular reminders via Tonic Boosts and insights from our monthly themes which are all linked to the pillars of wellbeing;

  • Sleep & Relaxation
  • Activity
  • Stress
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health

The app also includes an optional stress risk assessment module, coaching modules and on-line ‘Power Of Wellbeing’ training options to ensure it is a comprehensive one-stop-shop-solution. As a team, Tonic are truly focused on embedding wellbeing into the heart of your organisation in 2020!

Do you want to find out why Workplace Wellbeing is so important? CLICK HERE to find out why.

For more information about our app or to discuss a workplace wellbeing programme in 2020, get in touch with us today. Simply call us on 0333 444 7 365, email us at or contact us via our website.

Happy New Year!

Tonic App

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