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Tonic Spring Newsletter – SIGN UP

| Becca Clayton
At the start of every new season, Tonic’s Founder and Managing Director Becca Clayton and the Tonic Team dedicate time to producing an important, informative and supportive quarterly newsletter to send to all of Tonic’s wonderful subscribers.
AND here we go…
Tonic’s brand-new Spring Newsletter has arrived. If you are not already a subscriber, then you can sign-up here.
And just like that, there is light at the end of a very long & dark tunnel! As Boris announced our roadmap out of lockdown we hope you are also feeling a sense of optimism and positivity? Although his four steps will take us to June, there is renewed hope that this phased approach could mean the end of National Lockdowns. 
Better days are finally coming… warmer, longer and happier!

Building Back Better

PREVENTION is what Tonic has always been about and this is more relevant than ever right now, especially for employers.

Workplace wellbeing has taken on a whole new meaning in the coronavirus pandemic. After Covid-19 shook the world of work, sending millions of us to work at home, employers are now trying to pick of the pieces and devise new wellbeing strategies for the hybrid landscape of work that is emerging. We are here to help!

That’s why our focus in this edition includes:

  • Why Staff Wellbeing Should not be Ignored in our Post-COVID World
  • Are Your Employees Getting Enough Sleep
  • The Importance of Holistic Wellbeing

We also have a brand-new WEBSITE and unveil the Tonic and Me DASHBOARD. 

spring newsletter

Becca says:

“With spring comes a renewed opportunity for optimism. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Take your cue from mother nature and embrace the new life that surrounds us this time of year. Use it as motivation to make sure you’re giving the things most important to you the attention they deserve.

I would like to say that one of the real positives for me (and I hope you too) to come out of this pandemic is that it has been a catalyst to rethink how we live, interact and how we work!

It is time to change things for the better. Take the chance!”

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Happy Spring!

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