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| Becca Clayton

As we near the end of the second week of the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, for many of us it is also the second week of working from home. And whilst a good portion of the work we are doing remains the same, our workplace surrounding has changed drastically. Some of us may have adapted to our new workplaces well, however for others it has proven more difficult.


Like so many other businesses, we want to continually update and reassure you as to how Tonic can continue to offer our services during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. There are lots of ways that we can offer support during these challenging times, these include:

  • Subscribing to Tonic and Me app
  • Workshops by Webinar
  • Online Video Appointments

We will be sharing full details of these over the next few days. In the mean time, here are our top tips to how to work from home effectively and productively…


Although you are working from home, you should really try to duplicate your “normal” routine as much as you can. GET UP and SHOW UP! Get dressed, eat breakfast, drink coffee – whatever you used to do. Do it now! Also if you can, we believe it is important to spend five minutes outside, in the fresh air, then prioritise your workload and #makeithappen


Not everybody will have the perfect workstation at home, however it is important to set up your workspace properly. If possible, find somewhere quiet and away from the main area of your home. Invest in a supportive chair or get a stability ball (like Tonic Founder & Director Becca). Also, try to make sure you do some mobility and posture work regularly. Try to keep your new workspace organized and tidy. You could even invest in a desk plant? #posture


As we cannot interact with our colleagues in the same capacity as before, communication really is key for successful remote working. We say to schedule regular catchups, calls or video conferencing.  This helps to build and retain the feeling of belonging to a team and community. Continue with group meetings and briefings. It is so important to remember that we are all in this together. #together #listen


Taking regular breaks from your work is vital. By doing this, you will less likely become distracted and go off task. Limit yourself to 25 or 30 minutes sitting down at a time. Stand-up; walk around your garden, up and down the stairs, do some stretches and mobilisations. It is extremely important to keep your body moving and functioning well. #movemore #sitless


We produce much better work and are certainly more productive when there are minimal distractions. Turn of your TVs and keep music on low. Try not to look at your phone regularly, mute mobile apps, and non-work emails. There is plenty of time for other things when your work is done and when you are having that well-earned break. #goals #focus


If you are a business manager, then make sure to keep regular contact with your employees and teams. This is a worrying time for everyone therefore prioritise checking in with them on a regular basis to see how they are doing both professionally and personally. #happyteams #enablers #engagement


Drinking plenty of water helps us stay hydrated and more focused. Try to prep lunch in advance just like you would do normally before leaving for the office. Have fruit or nuts or some healthy snacks on hand during your breaks (away from your desk/workspace though). You could even batch cook during weekends or put something in the slow cooker in the morning; this means that when you have finished working, you can finally relax without spending more time in the kitchen, if it is a chore to you? #worksmart #snackhealthy #stayhydrated

Why not download our free Tonic’s Healthy Tips for Working from Home poster? Send to your employees, colleagues, family members or friends who are also working from home.

Download Poster

And finally remember, these are extremely difficult, unprecedented times. But we are all in this together. Resilience is key.

The Tonic Team

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