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TOP TIPS to HELP “corona-proof” YOUR LIFE

We are all facing extremely uncertain times due to the Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak. With this uncertainty comes stress, fear and anxiety. However whilst the pandemic is inevitable, instead of worrying and focusing on all of the scary “what-ifs” which drains energy from our bodies now is the time to reprogram. It is time to cultivate a positive mindset.  It is time to be proactive in optimising our health & building our immune system in order to try to “corona-proof” our lives.

Your Health Matters

We are living in unprecedented times. None of us have experienced such drastic measures as those needed to fight the coronavirus. From politicians to healthcare workers to business owners, we are all having to respond to alarming and disturbing scenarios Togetherness is key…

The crisis is now reaching into every aspect of our lives however rest assured Tonic’s practitioners and our extended team of content providers are all here to help you. We hope to understand how and why it is affecting you and what you can do about it. From advice on “moving more” and “sitting less” in spite of homeworking; cultivating a positive mindset to sleeping better and cooking to boost immunity – we hope we’ve got it covered.

There is no doubt that all of our minds are filled with worry and anxiety, and whilst we can’t completely get rid of these thoughts, there are ways and things we can do to help us cope with the rising stress levels.

These are our top tips to help us cope with stress during the Coronavirus pandemic:


Unfortunately there are times when we cannot control a situation. This seems to be one of them. However, we can control or at least manage how we think. Try to focus your mind on positive thoughts.  Avoid the energy vampires. Be positive, be optimistic, be resilient.



Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water has many health benefits. Of the most significance right now – staying hydrated can help us to remain focused and calm.

Eat Fruit & Vegetables

At Tonic we are always emphasising how important it to make sure we eat a well-balanced diet and perhaps this is now more important than ever. Whilst understanding the shortages in supermarkets, we definitely believe it is important to make sure we are all eating as much (fresh of frozen) fruit and vegetables as possible.


Out of all of the pillars of wellbeing, sleep is the most underrated. There is hardly anything that is as important to our recovery and resilience as SLEEP!  Enough, quality sleep helps you build immunity and is the best way to cope with the additional stress that we are all currently facing. Try to create a pre-bedtime routine. Prioritise enough time for sleep and maintain a regular pattern of going to bed and getting up. Also try to keep you bedroom well ventilated day and night – especially right now!

Fresh Air

Research shows that fresh air has huge benefits for our emotional wellbeing but during this self-isolation period we are restricted to leave our homes. However, making sure we spend time in our garden or getting short, regular bursts of fresh air can help us feel more relaxed and at ease. Why not try taking five minutes every morning, and then spacing short intervals our during your day? We know ventiliation is key and every bit of fresh air in your lungs will help.

Restrict Social Media

There’s no doubt that we have all been glued to our phones more than usual lately. Whether we are reading stories from people from other infected countries, waiting for the latest news updates or we are just overwhelmed by our anxiety and can’t seem to get away from it. That’s why it is vital that we make sure we take a break, where and when we can. Even if this means starting a new boxset, reading a book or doing something creative; make sure you manage your time online wisely.



All of us are different and therefore we choose to exercise and work-out differently. However, during this self-isolation period and whilst we do our bit to look after ourselves as well as the bigger community, there are still plenty of ways to make sure we get sufficient activity in to our every day! From the abundance of exercise workout classes online, exercise tips and resources available (including in the new Tonic and Me app), even 30 minutes of walking a day can help reduce our stress levels.

Here at Tonic we thoroughly believe it is important to practice what we preach. Founder and Managing Director, Becca, has been managing to continue her workouts and pilates classes from home. Follow her on LinkedIn HERE.

Be in Control

All of the tips above can help to change the way you are feeling right now and to brighten your mood. However ultimately, although we are not in control of COVID-19, we have to take control of our mindsets.

When and wherever possible drink plenty of water, eat fruits and seasonal vegetables, cut down on sugar which depletes the immune system, get fresh air and exercise, do breathing exercises and meditation which strengthen your resilience.  

CLICK HERE to read James Colquhoun’s article on ‘How to Boost Your Immune System During the Coronavirus Outbreak.’

Why not download our “Take Care of Your Body and Mind While Staying at Home” poster.

The Tonic Team have adapted this extremely useful advice from: NHS EVERY MIND MATTERS


A good diet, enough exercise, managing stress, and sufficient quality sleep all directly affect the efficiency of your immune response.

While we cannot control what is happening externally, preserving your own mental and physical wellbeing is of critical importance at this time. During the next couple of weeks and months, Tonic will be using our social media channels to post more details of online support available to those who are working from home and/or self isolating.

Take care during this unprecedented time.

The Tonic Team

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