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Why Employee Wellbeing is critical in our Post-COVID World!

| Becca Clayton

As lockdown eases and more people return to the workplace, many of us are speculating that it has changed forever. Whilst some activities may go back to the way they were, there are likely to be long term and lasting changes in the way we work and where we work.

It has now been twelve months since the government announced the first National lockdown! Over the next few months, many employees will return to the workplace after prolonged furlough, shielding and even redundancy. This in turn could mean they feel vulnerable and need reassurance that their employer is doing everything it can to protect their wellbeing.

Are you ready to act now when it comes to the physical & mental health of your people?

Becca Clayton, Founder of Tonic Wellbeing says:

“It is now time to act!

When I founded Tonic back in 2004, businesses were only just starting to realise how vitally important it is to look after staff mental and physical wellbeing.

Today there is masses of data that backs up my experience, namely that a well-managed wellbeing programme improves absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover. It can be a major factor in attracting & retaining the best talent too. Additional less tangible but equally significant benefits include happier, more valued employees, and a positive corporate brand”

With the likelihood that we are now entering a world where a large proportion of the workforce continues to work from home, for at least part of the week; how do managers keep in touch with their teams? How can they offer them help and support and more importantly, identify those employees who need it most? Tonic can help you to prioritise your employee wellbeing … FIND OUT MORE HERE!

Tonic’s Well@Work App

staff wellbeing

Tonic firmly believes the answer to good employee wellbeing can be found on our mobile devices in the Tonic and Me digital platform. Reaching for your phone to help with stress and wellbeing might feel counterintuitive but, the Tonic and Me app offers help to employers. Our objective is to support, educate, heighten awareness, and motivate staff when it comes to optimising physical and mental health.

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, Tonic Wellbeing was already looking for a way to deliver employee wellbeing plans virtually in order to reach more people and reach them cost effectively. We worked with our partners, NDM Business Hub, to build our well@work app that would run alongside all the other wellbeing services in our ‘Tonic Toolbox’.

By adopting technology that many people already use, we are able to offer business owners a snapshot of how their workforce is coping physically and mentally. And, more crucially, the ability to address problems, through real-time interventions.

The app is not a substitution for our in-house wellbeing services, but a progressive and powerful tool, to support employees 24/7. Crucially, at the heart of our activities are our health checks and lifestyle assessments, 1-2-1 coaching, wellbeing workshops and rewards days. These are all supported by the app which acts as a diary, an information hub, a motivator and a means of asking for help. If you would like to arrange a call with a member of the team or a demo then simply connect with us…

Why Tonic Works

staff wellbeing

Tonic Wellbeing was founded by me, Becca Clayton in 2004. Fast forward 17 years and Tonic is a progressive organisation, made up of an extended team of wellbeing practitioners and healthcare professionals. We deliver bespoke experiential solutions to a diverse client base including to companies, charities and individuals alike.

The Tonic mission is to provide the tools, support, education and the incentive to help clients take control of their health & wellbeing both at home and at work. With a former general practitioner on the team as well as coaches, organisational psychologists, therapists and mental health experts, Tonic is well-placed to provide a fully comprehensive service to organisations all over the globe!

We can demonstrate that through small consistent changes in lifestyle, behaviours and habits, individuals will better adapt to the uncertainties that life presents (more important than ever right now). Organisations will benefit from a happier workforce with lower levels of absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone.

Organisations benefit by getting employees that are healthier and focused on being productive rather than dealing with health issues. Staff are motivated, present and happy!

Our tried and tested workplace wellbeing framework (see below) starts with the individual and ultimately brings wellbeing to the heart of the organisation. It drives successful outcomes, for you and your people. It is a holistic approach and with our blended packages of onsite and online services. It offers a complete solution.

staff wellbeing

To find out more, visit our website or contact Becca directly by emailing becca.clayton@choosetonic.co.uk

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Tonic's workplace wellbeing app offers unlimited access to a library of health, wellbeing and lifestyle guidance and support.

We know that supporting engagement consistently leads to a more productive, healthier and resilient workforce. Therefore, our unique and innovative approach utilises intuitive digital technology, blended with personalised on-site services delivered by the Tonic team.

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