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Summer Newsletter 2021

| Becca Clayton

We have to wait a few more weeks before the end of lockdown restrictions, but the end is in sight!

For some of us, this could mean planning a full time return to the office after months of working from home… or possibly a busier workplace if you’re used to having the office to yourself.  Maybe, like many people, you’re planning to work some of the week at home and some in the workplace…the hybrid workplace could be the new normal for many of us!

How has work changed for you?  

How healthy is your new hybrid?

In our summer newsletter we are going to look at change in the workplace and how we can learn to adapt and enjoy new challenges.

At Tonic Wellbeing we understand how it feels to adapt and change to new circumstances. At the very heart of our business is a goal to help people look after their physical and mental health. There is no doubt that uncertainty can affect how we achieve this.

How do you help people when you can’t see them in person? How can you run group wellbeing sessions with social distancing?

We have solutions…onsite, online and with dedicated wellbeing hubs!

Like you we adapted over the last 18 months. We found some fantastic ways to keep in touch with you, run workshops online and continue to offer 1-2-1 support to staff in need.

We are sure we will also see more requests for support in the months ahead, and are looking forward to being there for everyone who needs it. Although the virtual support will always remain in place with our well@work app, we can’t wait to be back onsite with NEW wellbeing fairs, events & challenges.



“They say difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.

Well it has been difficult, really difficult. It is now however time to flourish again! To feel safe; to feel normal; connected and happy! Beautiful times are ahead.

The truth is that many times in life and love; family and friends, the bumpy road you find yourself traveling will, in time, lead to you being a stronger and better person. Life is filled with challenge and change that we must endure to become more resilient. These times do not define us but instead help us redefine ourselves”

Becca Clayton


If you’re feeling uncertain about where you will work when the remaining coronavirus restrictions end, it’s worth checking the latest government advice.

The government is reviewing the rules for social distancing and ways we can all keep safe at work and in our daily lives.

When restrictions end you can ask to keep working from home but your employer doesn’t have to agree. Ultimately employers have a duty of care to all their staff and must treat people fairly.

Clients are asking us to create bespoke wellbeing events days and return to work programmes to incentivise staff to be in the office.

Our most popular sessions being a blend of our Health Checks and Reward Days. We’re excited about this and will keep you posted on our successes. If this is something you feel your organisation might be interested be, please drop us a line to arrange a discovery call with Becca.

If you are a manager, do you REALLY know how well your staff are coping with change?

If you don’t measure it, you can’t do anything to manage it and resolve it.

We think it’s so important to know what triggers stress in organisations that we offer all businesses a FREE staff resilience health check. 

This anonymised survey won’t reveal who said what, but it will give you an useful overview of whether you need to take action and in what areas. It will also show your staff that you are interested in what they think and how they feel.

If you are not looking forward to changes to your work patterns or other new challenges at work, the good news is there is lots you can do to help yourself! 

Don’t wait for total burnout before tackling anxiety about change. If you understand the warning signs you can can take action sooner.


We have introduced a great NUTRITION programme:

The Nutrition Programme, lasting 4 hours, gives staff the tools to make the right choices when it comes to eating to optimise wellbeing, health, energy and immunity! So yes, it is all about food but it covers so much more – weight, self-image, energy, health risks – the list goes on!

With an increase in adult obesity, a trend towards sedentary behaviour and inactivity – being able to understand what is nutritious (and what is ultra-processed) can have a massive impact on wellbeing & performance. Eating the right food at the right time will have a positive and lasting impact on productivity and staff wellbeing.

Ever one who attends will gain a greater understanding of:

  •              Food & our mood.
  •              Sugar and salt allowance.
  •              How many calories you need?
  •              What are their triggers?
  •              Food labelling.
  •              Poor nutrition & dehydration.
  •              Achieving optimal wellbeing.

We are extremely excited to be able to offer this 4 hour session from 1st July. The first ten programmes will be offered at a discount plus FREE GIFTS for every attendee.


It’s good to talk!

If you are worried about changes to your work patterns or working environment in the coming months. Perhaps you have real concerns about your personal safety? Do talk to someone about it.

Your manager would normally be your first port of call as they may be in the best position to make adjustments or suggest help. However, if you feel you cannot talk to you manager, then reach out to a Tonic Practitioner, we are available 24/7.

What else is new for you this summer? Let’s Build Back Better! Let’s Get well@work

If you follow our blogs or subscribe to our app you’ll be able to read all our latest news as well as course news, health hacks and sound advice on health and wellbeing at work.


A warm welcome to Finnbarr Adams who has just joined the Tonic Wellbeing team as our digital marketing assistant.

Finn’s role has been created thanks to the Government’s Kickstarter Scheme, which matches talented young people with businesses who are looking to expand.

With a background in tennis, Finn brings with him experience in nutrition, physical training and resilience. He will be a huge help bringing Tonic Wellbeing to the attention of organisations who care for the wellbeing of their staff. We are delighted to have him on board!




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