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Wellbeing @ Work…. whose responsibility is it and whose should it be?

Tonic has corporate clients from a broad spectrum of industry sectors right across the UK as well as working with many individuals (locally across the Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire plus clients dotted around the UK who use our Skype Coaching services) – this allows us to understand trends and specific attitudes different industries have with regards to wellbeing and stress management, as well as different and emerging needs for personal wellbeing across the UK.

Vitamin D – The “Miracle” Vitamin?

Vitamin D enjoys an almost unique status as the ‘miracle’ vitamin, popularised by its key role in bone metabolism and the increasing amount of research showing its importance across a wide range of biological activity. If that weren’t enough, it’s widely acknowledged that many of us are deficient or have sub-optimal levels of vitamin D.

National Stress Awareness Day

What is stress?

There are many definitions of stress but essentially it is about a feeling you experience when you perceive that demands exceed your ability to cope.

Stress is the feeling of being under too much pressure.

Pressure turns into stress when we feel unable to cope.

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