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Planning a workplace Health & Wellbeing Programme

A step by step guide to planning a workplace Health & Wellbeing Programme.

Does the idea of planning a health and wellbeing programme, event or initiative make you feel overwhelmed; enough to put you off? This needn’t be the case. We are here to help you focus on the outcomes; a positive, energised and resilient workforce.

Optimum Health – the Paleo way!

Paleo – to be or not to be?

Following my recent Facebook post about the benefits of following a Paleo diet I shared how paleo can help with a myriad of diseases and conditions. Here is much more detail alongside an explanation of what paleo is, and how and why you should make it work for you.

Boost My Energy Levels!

Energy is a valuable resource which needs to be managed. Unlike time, you can work to increase your energy levels. When you do increase your energy levels, you can see dramatic improvements in many areas of your life including your productivity, your health and your zest for life.

The need to manage your energy levels is becoming more apparent. One of the biggest obstacles to increased energy levels and productivity is the fact that many of the best methods appear to be counterintuitive. Rather than increase your energy levels and your productivity, you might think that they would do the opposite.

Foods to improve your mood and reduce your stress!

Did you know that specific foods can improve your mood, concentration, memory and learning ability, as well as reduce stress?

I found myself reading even more than ever this last couple of weeks and one particular article has truly drawn my attention, which in turn prompted more reading / research of my own too – all of which I’d now like to share with you….

Living in the present moment!

Living in the present moment is enlightening.

To do this, you must realise charm in every moment, and in everyday activities. It’s a conscious act that requires participation, not just observation, but the reward is a richer, fuller life. This is your life, now live!

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