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Increase Your Energy and Productivity today…

Habits which increase your energy and productivity…

Energy is a valuable resource which needs to be managed. Unlike time, you can actually work to increase your energy levels. When you do increase your energy levels, you will see dramatic improvements in many areas of your life including your productivity, your health and your overall zest for life.

The need to manage your energy levels is becoming more apparent.

Why is Relaxation so important?

Breathing for Relaxation

Feeling weary, not getting enough sleep, working too hard, have an overactive mind – whatever your reason to practice a relaxation technique there are plenty of ways to find calm and breathing exercises are right up there. The important note here is that (a) you actually do it and (b) on a regular basis. From the confines of a bed, your desk – indeed anyplace where negative emotions, stress and anxiety finds its way, consider some breathing exercises to help keep calm, relax and carry on!

Coaching for performance

OK – so we can talk about coaching, performance, resilience, engagement, focus, motivation and wellbeing in the workplace. And we all know what it feels like when we are tip-top; flying high; exceeding our own expectations (as well at those set by the boss, line managers and even customers). We feel like we can conquer the world! But NONE of this is possible, none whatsoever, if you are stressed out, and certainly if you are stressed over a prolonged period of time.

Are you getting enough… sleep?

How long did you sleep for last night?

Are you getting enough sleep? According to a recent study most of us sleep for less than 7 hours each night. Like all animals, humans need sleep, along with food, water and oxygen, to survive. For humans however our sleep is a vital indicator of overall health and wellbeing. The Tonic team go one step further, we believe that sleep is actually a performance enhancer.

Do I really need stress management techniques?

Do I really need stress management techniques?

Many of us, when we feel stressed, also feel powerless to do anything about it. Often we persuade ourselves that it’s just part of life, and that we should be able to cope with “everyday stresses and strains”. WRONG – we all need stress management techniques if we are to live life to the full – be healthy, happy and be resilient.

Delicious Cacao Protein Bites!

For those of you who have not seen, shared or tried this amazing recipe for our Delicious Cacao Protein Bites before, you really don’t know what you are missing out on! They are great as a snack, pre and post work out, they can even replace desserts or if you have a sweet-tooth then these are perfect chocolate alternatives – and far healthier too!

Revealing the relationship between your lifestyle and your wellbeing!

Do you understand the direct relationship between your lifestyle and your wellbeing?

What and when you eat; when and how you exercise, how well you sleep, when and how often you relax – all these factors directly affect your energy levels, your performance, your fitness, your mood – indeed your overall wellbeing.

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